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Guided tour: A hidden pearl in the heart of Antwerp

09 Mei 2015

The story of Happaert House is riddled with famous names and personalities who have lived, worked, studied and invented here. And that grandeur is still clearly tangible today. When knight and mayor, Jan Happaert laid the first cornerstone in 1520, Antwerp could justifiably claim to be the centre of the world. The Happaerts ruled over the city, in fact, throughout the Golden Age. From this very house. And even when Princes of Orange took over power in Antwerp, the Happaerts remained loyal to their city and continued to supply members to the office of mayor up until 1684.

During the turbulent 18th and 19th centuries, the house was extended by the Delft family. The noble Dutch family’s coat of arms can still be seen today, proudly hanging next to that of the Happaerts. Since then, the house has continued to offer inspiration to generations of notable residents, including its last inhabitant, Professor Couvreur. The latter chaired the commission which laid down a set of new spelling rules in Dutch in 1954 in the form of the famous “Green Book”.

Today, Happeart House continues to be a place that inspires new ideas, refreshing insights and powerful decisions.

If you want to know more about the history of Het Huis Happaert(the House Happaert) join the guided tour. Subscriptions:

Start 14h until 15.30h. After the tour you can have a drink and meet the artist of the current exhibition Laura de Coninck. You can also attend a reading from Kristien Hemmerechts at 16h. (Flemish)

The House Happaert is a location which you can rent for events such as receptions, diners, seminars or even a weekend. More information