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UITGESTELD / Fly In KATE STOCKMAN - communal grounds for creativity, strategy and trend(R)evolutions

25 April 2013

Kate is a creative, intuitive thinker & trend forecaster who believes in cross disciplinary solutions and has a passion for future brand development, fashion and strong powerful trough-the-line-communication.
She hates bad design.

She coaches creative & marketing teams and encourages them to live up to their maximum.
Kate is also guest professor Trendwatching & concept creation at Erasmus Brussels.
If you want to meet with Kate, use these great virtual places and link.
Facebook, Twitter(@katepoes), Linkedin of

De lezing zal in het Nederlands gebeuren. Inschrijvingen voor 18 april via Deuren: 18.30u met achteraf een drankje tot 22.00u