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05 December 2013

TEDWomen 2013 will continue TED's multi-year conversation about women's work and lives, present and future. A powerful conversation was started at TEDWomen in 2010 and continued through the next two years as TEDxWomen in New York, LA and Washington, D.C. The spark: How are women and girls reshaping the future? From the developing world, where a small loan to a young woman can transform a village, to the West, where generations of educated women are transforming entire industries, women are change agents, inventors, idea champions.

The TEDx community has expanded on these ideas through hundreds of local TEDxWomen events, featuring the live stream as well as local speakers and entertainment.

Doors: 17.00h to 22.00h
Food and drinks - until 18:00h
Talks start @ 18.30h
Finish with a drink and networking 


° BEN CAUDRON. A sociologist passionate by people and technology and how they shape our world.

° LEEN STEYAERT. Author of ‘Brighten the Menopause'.

° LIESBETH DILLEN. Ex- IKEA Director and founder of “sheworkswithwomen”

° ANA YTURRIAGA SALDHANA. Head of Sector Stakeholders Management and in-house Consultants in the Learning & Development Unit. European Commission. 

° STEPHEN WELLER. Director of Communications. IFRA. International Fragrance Association.

° SABINE CLAPPAERT. Founder of Dare To Dream - a Belgian NGO that organises events at which inspirational women share their stories with high school girls from disadvantaged backgrounds all over the world to show them that “If you can dream it, you can do it”.


° Fleur van Groningen ° Diane Broeckhoven ° Geert Briers ° Chris Van Camp

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