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Barbara Bervoets 'O Beloved Belgium' Pop-up Window Expo (Kleine Markt 6)

10 March 2013 — 10 April 2013

Barbara's work has appeared in the lifestyle magazine ISEL. She has exhibited in the past alongside Paul Van Hoeydonck in the BE-PART art platform in Waregem, Art Rotterdam, the Verbeke Foundation, MAS in Antwerp and many other exhibition spaces in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The series 'O Beloved Belgium’, now being exhibited in Happaert House, casts a merciless glance at the reality of Belgian politics and the way in which it is experienced in her psyche.

She treats matters related to social class and language issues. (Collage Pax belga)

With collages of skulls, for example, she sketches the tense environment of Belgian politics and this with a pinch of irony and her ever-feminine signature.

Vitrine - Kleine Markt 6, 2000 Antwerp (open 24 hours) In collaboration with Happaert House

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