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Stijn Dierckx Pop-up Window Expo (Kleine Markt 10)

14 March 2013 — 10 April 2013

'With 'oil on book', the graphic artist Stijn Dierckx introduces his latest installation in the window at Kleine Markt 10.'

Oil on Book is a tragi-comical freeze of a thought process.

Every beginning artist learns how to deal with the lack – at least in his own experience – of support, trust and belief in his art. The rejection of the early years is often hotly sublimated in later work. Stijn Dierckx uses the Kübler-Ross model to expose the things with which he joyfully struggles at present.'

Vitrine - Kleine Markt 10, 2000 Antwerp (open 24 hours) In collaboration with Happaert House. More information: or