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FLY IN Lecture by Raf Jespers on Big Brother in Europe

21 February 2013

Do you have secrets? That’s what you thought! Because Big Brother is watching you! Governments, companies, advertising jocks: they all know how to find their way into your private life. Via surveillance, monitoring, controls. Where, when and who you call, text or e-mail, the websites you visit in the dead of night: it’s all stored in databases. RFID chips, observation cameras, tapping satellites, web priers, scanners, DNA kits, spyware, databases,... they are all very much a part of daily life these days. As a consequence, people are not only losing their privacy but also themselves. Transparent government and transparent businesses are a distant reality but the transparent citizen is very much alive yet far from well. The European Union is one of the strongest advocates of that transparency: behind the scenes it is constructing a system of unchecked security architecture with Europol and Eurojust, the border controllers from Frontex, expensive security research, a police academy, … The Union sees citizens as potential security risks. In so doing, it tucks human rights neatly away in the bottom drawer. Ever since 9/11, the construction of the surveillance state has moved into top gear.
Raf Jespers, an attorney with Progress Lawyers Network and a member of the League of Human Rights provides you with a succinct summary. The result is a highly explosive. You don’t defend civil rights and freedoms by abolishing them. The Charter in this book formulates a legal and political perspective on resisting these pernicious developments.
The book is available from EPO isbn: 9789064456183 · 2010 · paperback (15 x 22.5 cm) - 408p. · price: € 22.00
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De Europese Unie pusht deze realiteit: ze bouwt bijna ongemerkt een complexe en ongecontroleerde veiligheidsarchitectuur uit met Europol en Eurojust, de grenswachters van Frontex, duur veiligheidsonderzoek, een politieacademie... De Unie ziet burgers als potentiële veiligheidsrisico’s. Mensenrechten duwt ze daarbij in een keurslijf. Na 9/11 kwam de uitbouw van de controlestaat in een stroomversnelling.

Raf Jespers, advocaat Progress Lawyers Network en lid van de Liga voor Mensenrechten, zet alles op een rij. Het resultaat is hoogst explosief. Burgerrechten en vrijheden beschermt men niet door ze af te schaffen. Het Charter in dit boek formuleert een juridisch en politiek perspectief van verzet tegen die nefaste ontwikkelingen.

Zijn boek is te koop bij EPO isbn: 9789064456183 · 2010 · paperback (15 x 22,5 cm) - 408p. · prijs: € 22.00

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