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Durftevragen (Dare to Ask) 13u

18 January 2013

Durftevragen has developed several work forms in which people come to together with a specific question, dream, wish or project. It can range from professional to personal challenges. The begin point is the acknowledgement that we all have a great deal of value to spare. What is that value? It could be physical things but also knowledge, relations, insights, … An ocean of possibilities opens up simply by asking a question of this unique group of people.

A process of giving and receiving then unfolds. Connections are forged between people and ideas. Durftevragen facilitates this process of connection. The result is that people go home from a durftevragen open workshop with a flipchart filled with knowledge.

Durftevragen is founded on a number of principles. Here are a few: * People like to help others * Growing begins with giving * Asking the right question delivers the best result * Exchanging value generates its own energy.

There is namely a unique system of values which you will define together with the supervisor after the workshop and based on what you find of value in this Durftevragen. Post-valuation, it is called. For more info, visit:

For general info on Durftevragen, go to You can register via the same website.